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AQUA Hydro Physical Systems®

Exterminate and Prevent Organic Biological Contamination of Water

Eliminate the influence of Bacteria's, Microbes, Algae, Fungus and other Contaminating Micro Organic Organism in Water

Defending dangerous health risk bacteria's with water pressure.

Legionella bacteria's in water cause death to hundreds of people each year all over the world.
In the last years, health organisations and authorities has focused on the increasing Legionella disease problem and in methods of prevention. The patented Aqua Hydro Physical System is a new technology that eliminates all Legionella, E. coli, and thermal resistant bacteria's in water as well as any organic micro-organism like fungi and other biological microbes. Link, click here: Microbiological institute inactivation of bacteria's study.

The new and patented Aqua Hydro Physical System

Environmentally safe technology kills all bacteria's in water

The new, patented AQUA Hydro Physical System technology overrule the disadvantages of other treatment methods and guarantee the elimination of all organic micro-organism in water applications.

Water can cut through 10 mm steel plates and by utilising these natural forces of the water, the cell membrane of all organic micro-organism can be destroyed and further in a cold-combustion, oxidation process be totally cleared.

Different methods have in the past been applied to avoid organic micro-organism in water with more or less success.

Disinfecting with chemicals, mostly chloride additives, are frequently used and the bad taste of drinking water with content of chlorides is well known. Distilled water is not suitable as drinking water.

Other alternatives are membrane filters, ozone or UV radiation. Common for these are a certain reduction of organic substance, but often not a complete elimination.

One safe method is to rise the temperature of the water to near the boiling point. Apart from the energy consumption, most water must be cooled again for great number of applications.

Featuring an environmental safe treatment, with no additives or chemical influence, the AQUA HP-System is environmentally preserving the content of the life dependent minerals in the drinking water by simultaneously extermination of any bacterial organism activity in water supply systems as well as their influence in industrial processes.

The Function Principle

The central unit of the AQUA hydro physical development is a highly effective water reactor, which as its function principle utilise the forces of water and the oxidation potential of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Figure 1.

From a pump with an operation pressure of approx. 5 to 8 bar (72,5 to 116.0 psi) the water is supplied to the reactor (Figure 1), which internally creates extremely high and low water pressures as well as powerful centrifugal and centripetal water friction forces. Simultaneously the dissolved oxygen in the water is set free. The principle may be compared with the physical conditions of a cyclone.

The sup/sub pressure conditions and the created thousands G friction forces are of a magnitude that mechanically will destroy the cell membrane of all bacteria's, algae and fungus or any living organic substances in the water into totally destruction and exclude their possibility of survival.

In a second treatment phase, oxygen from the surrounding is sucked into the water reactor due to the low pressure conditions and being integrated as part of the continued conditioning process.

The presence of free oxygen in the supply water and added with up to 21% of surrounding oxygen acts as a natural cold-combustion oxidation process. In this second step, the destroyed organic micro-organism and impurities are finally cleared before the water is feeded to the outlet of the reactor.

The combination of sup/sub pressure, extreme high friction forces and the natural oxidation process inside the reactor can therefore eliminate all the micro-organic impurities in the water and effectively exclude any re-activation or breeding possibility.

The fungus free and cleaned water from the top outlet of the AQUA HP System has a pressure of 1,0 to 1,5 bar (14,5 to 21,75 psi).

An additional advantage of the AQUA HP System technology to influence molecular structures is the change of the water surface tension and viscosity of the water. This improves the water properties, which in industrial applications, like washing and cleaning systems contributes significant to optimise the process.

The dangerous Legionella pneumophila bacteria

The Legionella pneumophila bacteria spread and attack organ systems in the body within an incubation time of 2 to 12 days. Its diagnostic name is the Legionella disease and about 10% being infected will die. The symptoms are flue-like (pneumonia similar), but the disease can not be cured with penicillin. The bacteria is also associated with the Pontiac fever. A total of approx. 40 specimens of the Legionella genus are known.

The disease is not infectious from one person to the other, but mainly carried by aerosols from evaporated water like cooling or irrigation systems and hot water supplies.

The number of human Legionella bacteria's infections is world-wide increasing. In Europe alone, the European Working Group for Legionella Infections (EWGLI) estimates at present 2500 cases each year.

A great number of traveller infections are registered, where investigations concluded that hotel hot water systems, air conditionings, swimming pools or whirlpools (spa's) contained high level of bacteria's.

In the Utah, U.S.A. the Ford Motor Company was forced to close down production after 10 workers was diagnosed with the Legionella disease.

Elimination of Legionella and breeding biofilms in water supply systems

The AQUA Hydro Physical System is highly efficient for extermination of Legionella bacteria's in water supply systems.

Laboratory tests of the effect to kill dangerous Legionella bacteria's, present in a cold- and hot water supply systems to a clinical building in Berlin, was examined according to the German DVGB 552/BGA standard procedure (table 1).

Test no.:




2 .








Hot water supply

127 CFU/ml

36 CFU/ml

244 CFU/ml

Note 1)

12 CFU/ml

Not detected (zero)

Bad and Shower, 1. Section

178 CFU/ml

108 CFU/ml

230 CFU/ml

Note 1)

14 CFU/ml

Not detected


Swimming pool / Shower room

- -

- -

- -

3 CFU/ml

Not detected


Test no. 1 colony forming units (CFU) level before installation of the AQUA Hydro Physical System.
Test no. 2 the significant reduction after only 10 days.
Test no. 3
increased CFU values caused by dissolving of existing lime scale deposits with imbedded bio films Note1):
Test no. 4 after 12 days, 95% of these legionella bacteria's was inactivated and in the following
Test no. 5 only 16 days later proved total exterminated, as stated in the laboratory analysis: "Zero detected".

Note 1): Simultaneously with the installation of the AQUA Hydro Physical System, two AQUA Correct Conditioners for the removal of lime scale deposits were also installed on the water supply. Three weeks after this installation began the dissolving of substantial amount of existing lime scale in the pipelines, whereby imbedded biofilm with amoebae's and multiply infected by 10 thousands of Legionella pneumophila bacteria's was liberated into the water. This increased the CFU values significant and far above the first initial values in test no. 1.

To support the laboratory results after the impact of liberated biofilms in the existing lime scale deposits, the water from a third tapping place was included in the test 4 and 5 (Swimming pool / Shower room).

Conclusion: The AQUA HP System defend and exterminates Legionell bacteria's in the water, whereby it is to observe to clean for deposits in pipelines and components to prevent biofilm with colony forming units from emerging organic micro-organism into the water supply system.

Link to related test: Microbiological inactivation of different inoculated bacteria's in water.

Defending bacteriological health risk

The philosophy behind the AQUA HP System development is to defend bacterial influences and to protect human health risk by an environmental safe technology.

Aerosols containing organic micro-organism and in particular the dangerous Legionella bacteria is a health risk to human life and is in our modern industrial society a self made problem.

Almost everybody is expelled to infections by aerosols. Fountains and ponds in parks, swimming pools and whirlpools, cooling towers, irrigation systems, air conditionings, showers and many other modern water installations are all potential sources to infections for people, animals and plants.

In the industry, where simultaneously human protection, environmental care and the production must be considered, the new technology is suitable for treatment of solutions and waste water that provide optimal breeding conditions for a great number of organic impurities and which must be effective prevented.

The Aqua HP System has been installed in many different industrial applications. From production of metal and artificial parts like electronics chips, to preventing algae growth in green house water tanks and irrigation systems as well as cooling and cleaning solutions, all facing previous problems with unacceptable growth of organic impurities.

Simple operation control - easy installation

Figure 2

The installation on existing water system is simple. The water supply is connected to a pump, which gives a pressure between 5 to 8 bar (72,5 to 116 psi) and the pump output is connected to the fitting at the cabinet bottom. A build in pressure gauge indicates correct pump operation.

By one single valve adjustment, the visible air steam in the outlet acrylic outlet pipe is tuned to maximum air flow, which indicates that the sup/sub pressures is creating the necessary friction forces and a secured cold combustion oxidation operation inside the water reactor. (Figure 2)


Figure 3

Figure 3 shows a common installation example. The pump (2), valve (3) and pipelines (1 and 4) may be of any local production, by observing the required pump flow and pressure for a correct reactor operation.

The outlet at the top of the cabinet, which provides germ free water, is returned to system with a pressure between 1,0 to 1,5 bar (14,5 to 21,7 psi). This pressure shall not be reduced by component installations (reduced pipeline size, valves or filters), as such may influence the optimal operation in the water reactor.

Installations into a closed or circulating water system, where a free outlet flow is not possible and is causing pressure reduction, it may be required to change the pipeline size, install a buffer tank or make use of other options to establish accordingly operation conditions as for an open circuit.

The operation control of the pressure gauge and the air beam in the acrylic pipe is simple and can be kept under visible surveillance by any responsible personal, without separate maintenance training. No regular service is required.

The AQUA Hydro Physical Systems® water reactor and cabinet is produced of high grade stainless steel and for flow rate treatment in five step versions from 0.5 m3/h up to 40 m3/h.

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