Inactivation and Prevention of Biological Contamination
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Physical Water Conditioning Technique
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AQUA Hydro Physical Systems

Purification of Bacteria's, Microbes, Algae Fungus and all other Micro Organic Organism Health Risk Influences in Water using the Natural Forces of Water

Chemical free, ozone and UV radiation free.

Click here: Study of the microbiological inactivation with the Aqua Hydro Physical System at the
University of Barcelona, Spain.

A NEW SPECIAL REPORT: Legionella pneumophila elimination test according to DVDG 552/BGA of the hot water supply in a clinical building in Berlin, Germany with installed Aqua Hydro Physical System treatment.
According to the micro-biological laboratory analysis report, 95% of the Legionalla's was killed within 12 days and after only 16 further days proved total eliminated. Link to: " The Legionella pneumophila elimination test report"

Tests and Applications

Scientific research and test project of the purification of bacteria, algae and microbiological contamination in an open water collection basin.

Photo: The test basin for water collection, expelled to biocide and algae growth, purified by the AQUA HP System treatment.

European development founds for research projects to secure drinking water quality in countries with limited water resources, included tests with AQUA Hydro Physical Systems for elimination of bacterial, algae growth and microbiological influences in water collection reservoirs.
Human decease's caused by toxically drinking water is not limited certain areas or countries. Industrial pollution equally influences water resources in many locations. The purifying of drinking water, without use of chemicals, by the Aqua Hydro Physical Systems preserve and restore the drinking water quality. A new technique that benefit human life and safety.

More applikations

Adopted by the AQUA Hydro Physical System: Natures unique biological degradable forces.

Links to AQUA CORRECT Water Conditioning for the prevention of lime scale deposits:


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