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Physical Water Conditioning Technique
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AQUA Hydro Physical Systems

Inactivation of Bacteria's, Algae's, Fungi's and Organic Micro Organism in Water

Chemical free, no membrane filters, ozone or UV radiation. No mechanically operating components.


The Aqua Hydro Physical System can be installed into all water and fluid systems for purification and to preventing the influence of micro organic contamination, like the life dangerous Legionella decease and E-Coli bacteria's.

AQUA Hydro Physical Systems applications and installations:

  • Cooling towers, evaporating air conditioners, humidity and irrigation systems.

  • Cold and Hot water supply systems.

  • Water storage tanks.

  • Fountains, ponds and zoological water basins.

  • Industrial contaminated production fluids and solutions.

  • Medical, pharmacies and hospital water supplies / waste water.

  • Hotels, Swimming pools, spa's and public baths.

  • Sewage and waste water.

  • Waste disposals from bottle cleaning, car washing, animal farms, dairy, food and slaughter plants.

    The Aqua Hydro Physical System is particularly recommend for installation in water systems developing breeding and resistible bacteria's, like the human health dangerous "Legionella pneumophila"

    Links to AQUA CORRECT Water Conditioning for the prevention of lime scale deposits:


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