Biological Water Contamination Control
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Physical Water Conditioning Technique
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AQUA Hydro Physical Systems

Remove and prevent Bacteria's, Microbes, Algae, Fungus and other Micro Organic Organism in Water

Practical Applications

Algae treatment of cooling towers.

Photo left: The amount of killed algae vegetation removed from cooling tower sump.
Photo right: The treated cooling towers.

Algae treatment of the rain water collection basin in a green house plant.

Without HP System treatment      -      With HP System treatment

Photo left: Before treatment, the significant visible amount of organic algae growth in the basin for irrigation of vegetables in a greenhouse.
Photo right: After treatment, algae growth eliminated and clear water gained by the AQUA HP System treatment within few days.

Bacteria and algae prevention of a public city fountain.

Photo left: The fountain and entry to the sub-ground pumps and treatment basins.
Photo right: The visible and characteristic developed centre air steam force in the Aqua Hydro Physical System outlet pipe.
Bacteria and algae growth in the city fountain was eliminated for the benefit of human health.

The Aqua Hydro Physical Systems preserve and restore the water quality.

Adopted by the AQUA Hydro Physical System: Natures unique biological degradable forces.

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