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AQUA Hydro Physical Systems

Reactor created water forces cause destruction of the cell membrane of all organic micro organism. This treatment no bacteria, algae or fungi in the water will survive.

Chemical free, no membrane filters, ozone or UV radiation. No mechanic operating components.

The Aqua Hydro Physical System can be installed into all water and fluid systems for purification and to preventing the influence of micro organic contamination, life dangerous Legionella decease and E-Coli bacteria's.

References with links to installation photos

The below selected installation references indicates some of the useful applications in water supply systems.


Place of installation

Application and Links
Reha Clinical Building

Berlin, Germany
Legionella elimination, water supplies Link to test results
St. Barbara Hospital (3 Systems)

Diusburg, Germany
Legionella extermination, water supplies Link to installation photos
German Railways

Frankfurt, Germany
Cooling Water / Air Conditioning Link to installation photos
Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt, Germany
Cooling Tower / Air Conditioning, Airport Terminal 1 Link to treatment results
Behr AG

Cooling tower water treatment. Link to treatment results
Schering AG

Hot water treatment in pharmaceutical plant. Link to treatment results
Siemens AG

Munich, Germany
Waste water treatment systems (Gaswashing unit) from IT chip production.
Siemens AG

Erlangen, Germany
Rain water utilizing plant.

Munich, Germany
Treatment of the circulation of a production gas washing unit.
Dimler Chrysler

Stuttgart / Mettingen, Germany
Cleaning of the cleaning water from lacquer production process.
Bell Flavours (SGM)

Leipzig, Germany
Cleaning of production process water.
*BMW Germany (x 2)
*Landrower, England (x 2)

Regensburg, Germany

Treatment of the waste water cleaning process (Body work cleaning section unit)
Greenhouse Dworcshak

Nuernberg, Germany
Removal of algae growth and biological impurities Rainwater / irrigation basin Link to photos
Greenhouse Fleischmann

Nuernberg, Germany
Treatment of algae growth and biological impurities. Rainwater / irrigation basins Link to photos
Vegetables plant K & H

Ilshofen, Germany
Treatment of algae growth and biological impuritiesLink to photos
Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt, Germany
Treatment of algae growth and biological impurities (rainwater collection basin for toilet flushing)
Municipal Building Authorities (x 2)

Munich, Germany
The Neptun and Valentin fountainsLink to photos
Municipal Building Authorities (x 2)

Nuernberg, Germany
The Tugend and Neptun fountains
Municipal Authorities

Planegg, Germany
Fountain treatment Link to photos

Dingolfing, Germany
Ornamental garden landscape
Profession College

Ingolstadt, Germany
Ornamental garden landscape
Kunststofwerk Greten

Essen, Germany
Process cooling water circulation.
Dension Hydraliks

Vierzon, Germany
Process cooling water circulation.
Mannesmann AG

Zeihain, Germany
Cooling Oil solution for stainless steel production.

Special report:

University of Barcelona, Spain, Department of Microlobiology:
Study of the microbiological inactivation (different inoculated bacteria's in water).

Legionella pneumophila elimination test according to DVDG 552/BGA of the circulating hot water supply in a Berlin clinical building, Germany with installed Aqua Hydro Physical System treatment.
95% of the Legionalla's was killed within 12 days and after only 16 further days proved total eliminated in the micro-biological laboratory analysis report.

Link to: "Legionella pneumophila elimination test report"

AQUA Hydro Physical Systems

Adopted by the AQUA Hydro Physical System: Nature's unique biological degrading forces.

Links to AQUA CORRECT Water Conditioning for the prevention of lime scale deposits:


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