Eradicate the life dangerous Legionella pneumophila bacteria
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AQUA Hydro Physical Systems

Test: Extermination of Legionella and breeding bio films in water supply systems
The AQUA Hydro Physical System is highly efficient for prevention of Legionella bacteria's in water supply systems.

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Study of the microbiological inactivation with the Aqua Hydro Physical System performed by University of Barcelona, Spain.

Laboratory tests of the effect to kill dangerous Legionella bacteria's, present in a cold- and hot water supply systems to a clinical building in Berlin, was examined according to the German DVGB 552/BGA standard test procedure.

Test no.:




2 .







Hot water supply

127 CFU/ml

36 CFU/ml

244 CFU/ml    Note 1)

12 CFU/ml

Bad and Shower, 1. Section

178 CFU/ml

108 CFU/ml

230 CFU/ml    Note 1)

14 CFU/ml

Swimming pool / Shower room

- -

- -

- -

3 CFU/ml


Concluded and certificated by the Microbiological Laboratories Dr. Th. Bernhard GmbH & Friend, Berlin, Germany


Test no. 1 colony forming units (CFU) level before installation of the AQUA Hydro Physical System.
Test no. 2 the significant reduction after only 10 days.
Test no. 3
increased CFU values caused by the dissolving of existing lime scale deposits because Note 1):

Simultaneously with the installation of the AQUA Hydro Physical System, two AQUA Correct Conditioners for the removal of lime scale deposits were also installed on the water supply. Three weeks after this installation began the dissolving of substantial amount of existing lime scale in the pipelines, whereby imbedded bio film with amoebae's and multiply infected by 10 thousands of Legionella pneumophila bacteria's was liberated into the water. This increased the CFU values significant and far above the first initial values in test no. 1.

Test no. 4 after 12 days, 95% of these legionella bacteria's was killed and in the following
Test no. 5 only 16 days later proved total eliminated, as the laboratory analysis states: "No detected (zero)".

To support the laboratory results after the impact of liberated bio films in the existing lime scale deposits, the water from a third tapping place was included in the test (Swimming pool / Shower room).

Link: Download of the original test reports (German language).

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AQUA Hydro Physical Systems

Fabrication according to ISO 9001 - Materials: Stainless steel ASTM A 316Ti

Adopted by the AQUA Hydro Physical System: Natures unique biological degradable forces.

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