Biological Contamination Control
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Physical Water Conditioning Technique
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AQUA Hydro Physical Systems
Biological Contamination Control
Inactivation of Bacteria, Microbes, Algae, Fungus and other Organic Micro Organism contamination in Water.

AQUA Hydro Physical Systems AQUA Hydro Physical Systems                           

                                The AQUA Hydro Physical System Type K-Series Unit.                    Water outlet with the characteristic centre air steam.

The Technology

The central unit in the hydro physical development is a highly effective water reactor, which as its function principle utilise the forces of water and the oxidation potential of the dissolved oxygen in water.

Supplied with water from a pump with an operation pressure between 5 to 8 bar (72,5 to 116.0 psi) the reactor creates internal extremely high and low water pressures as well as powerful centrifugal and centripetal water friction forces. Simultaneously also the dissolved oxygen in the water is set free.

The sup/sub pressure conditions and the created friction forces are of a magnitude of more thousands G, which totally will destroy any organic cell membrane and kill all bacteria's, algae's fungus and order organic substances in water.

In a second treatment phase and, due to the low pressure conditions, oxygen from the surrounding is applied into the water reactor and integrated as part of the conditioning process. The presence of free oxygen from the water and added 21% surrounding oxygen, acts as a natural cold-combustion oxidation process. In this step, the destroyed micro-organism impurities are finally cleaned to provide outlet of clear water.

This combination of sup/sub pressure, extreme high friction forces and the natural oxidation process inside the reactor eliminates all micro-organic contamination of the water and exclude effectively any re-activation as well as breeding possibility.

Improved Water Properties

An additional advantage of the AQUA HP System technology and by influencing the molecular structure, is the change of the water surface tension and viscosity of the water. This improves the water properties, which in industrial applications, like washing and cleaning systems, contributes to optimise the process. 

Adopted by the AQUA Hydro Physical System: Natures unique biological degradable forces.
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