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Physical Water Conditioning Technique
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Technical Information

NEW Link to: "AQUA Hydro Physical Systems". Exterminate Bacteria's, Algae's, fungus and other Organic organism.

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Product and Manufacturer Information

AQUA-CORRECT product types
AQUA Hypro Physical System product types
AQUA-CORRECT Demonstration
Manufacturer Profile
Technical Approvals
Frequently Asked Questions
Water Quality
Dissolving the Binding Forces of Water

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NEW PRODUCT: AQUA Hydro Physical Systems
Exterminate, Degrade and Prevent Biological Contamination

General product information (Adobe Reader Pagedownload the free Adobe Reader program here: )
Function and construction
Practical Applications on site view
An Applicationtest
Installation Informations
Capacity Types and Dimensions
Installation References and Approvals
Special test Report: "Elimination of Legionella bacteria's"

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Cooling Tower Applications

Cooling Tower Conditioning
Saving results US-Dollars 50000,- / year. Treatment reference
Cooling Tower Study
Cooling Tower Installation Instructions
Plate heat exchangers with physical water treatment

Download the Cooling Tower Applications document set (includes Product  & Manufacturer info).

Food Production Industries

Cheese Brine Conditioning
Plate heat exchangers with physical water treatment
Cold & Hot Water Treatment
Clean in Place Conditioning
Caustic Solution Conditioning

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Industrial Applications

Cutting & Cooling Oil Treatment
Plate heat exchangers with physical water treatment

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Commercial and Residential Applications

Avoid Lime Scale
Lime Scale Treatment
The operation and technical conditions for plate heat exchangers with physical water treatment
Swimming Pool water conditioning
Water Supply Treatment of Residential Buildings

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Waste Water Treatment

Sewage Water Treatment
Polluted Groundwater Treatment

Download Waste Water Treatment document set (includes Product  & Manufacturer info).

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