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Different equipment and chemicals are offered for conditioning the water in swimming pools to preserve hygiene and human health.  Most water problems in swimming pools are related to improper function of the filter systems and incorrect dosage of chemicals.

Failure of filter flushing to remove impurities is the most common reason
for bacterial growth.

Incorrect chemical dosage adjustment and/or dirty and defective pH sensors gives
the water high basic or acidic values, which can be unpleasant to the skin and breathing.

High content of chloride (HClO) is subject to hard lime scale build up.

Many of these problems can be avoided with an Aqua Correct treatment, which helps to
prevent the malfunction of the chemical conditioning system.

To secure a proper function and to save costly chemicals, the installation of an Aqua Correct physical conditioner offers these benefits:

A reduction of the water surface tension by 10% to 12%, which increases the water solubility properties. This saves the use of up to 20% of the chemical dosage and gives a better reaction, when soluted in the water. Also a better sedimentation of impurities is achieved in the filter.

Dissolving of lime scale deposits which removes scale in pumps, lines and on pH sensors while preventing basis substance for bacterial growth. This in turn assists the filters to work more effectively.


Install the Aqua Correct into the pipeline on the pressure side of the pump with a selected capacity equal to the pump flow capacity. No electrical connection is required. Control your equipment for the correct pH setting and ensure that the chemical dosage devices are operating properly. Clean your filter and start the circulation pump.

Regular Service

Flush the filter regularly according to the concentration amount of impurities. Control the level of chemical fluids and refill if necessary.

The Aqua Correct conditioner needs no service, control or replacement parts.

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