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Dissolving the Binding Forces of Water

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Dissolving the Binding Forces of Water.

The unique new reality within physical research is the AQUA-CORRECT® function to reduce the binding forces in the water itself by an exact defined value, without use of chemicals. In precise and repeated measurement of the water surface tension before and after the AQUA-CORRECT® treatment, different institutes have confirmed a nearly 10% reduction at 20 degree C for drinking water. The measurements were performed with water from different places and of different quality. The measured values indicate that the reduction factor is a constant.

NOTE: Many products commonly referred to as "magnetic water treatment" do not reduce the water surface tension. These may occasionally dissolve lime scale, by creating aggressive CO2, released by turbulence. These units do not have internal free flow and will require a minimum flow rate to operate.

The water surface reduction by AQUA CORRECT is technically measured
by the power in Newton:


From: so = 74,0. 10-3 N/m without treatment

s = 66,6. 10-3 N/m * with AQUA treatment @ 10,0%
water molecules

*Test result: The platin-ring draft method, performed and approved by: The Water Research Institute PTS, Munich, Germany. Further confirmed and approved in tests by: TÜV Institute, Essen; and the Danish Environmental Centre, Glostrup (Copenhagen).

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Measurement of the water surface tension:

A platin ring is placed on the water surface and withdrawn again. At the very moment that the water is slipping from the ring, the drawing force F is measured.

Normal drinking water has an F value of
= 74,0. 10 -3 N/m
The value is generally given for all sub-soil water.

All AQUA CORRECT capacity types obtain this result just after the freely flowingwater has passed once through the physical magnetic fields. Repeated circulation through the AQUA CORRECT system indicated reduction values between 12-18%, an advantage frequently used in industrial processes, to reduce chemical additives up to 50%, increase sedimentation and
optimize production in general.

Important information:

The reduction of the binding forces in the water itself by 8-10% is necessary to obtain a satisfactory result with all magnetic water treatments. Only under the condition of a reduced water surface tension, can the magnetic
treatment have the physical ability to dissolve the binding forces of hard water particles, such as calcium
carbonate and to prevent lime scale disposals!

Only a few magnetic products perform a reduction of the water surface tension. The other so called "magnetic" treatment products generate in reality only turbulence, which gave doubtful results and confusion among
scientists about the performance of magnetic water treatments.

Conclusion: Require a confirmed 8-10% water surface tension reduction before buying.

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