Water conditioning - Magnetic water lime scale treatment test
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Physical Water Conditioning Technique
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Physical water treatment and conditioning
Physical water treatment and conditioning demonstration

Technical test data.

This test was performed with ordinary tap drinking water from a sub-soil well 50 meters (164 ft.) deep and with water hardness of 21 odH (375 PPM / 3.75 mmol/l).

Test system description.

The cold water supply is connected to the inlet at the top of sealed windings, for inside flow in these to cool the steam coming from the boiling water below. The water at the end of the windings reaches a temperature equal to the
normal hot water supply (55 oC to 65 oC). A part of this water is supplied to
compensate the evaporated water in the boiling chamber below with a 2000 kW heating element. The evaporated steam is pressurised into the glass tube
surrounded by the windings and escape by a number of holes in the upper outside chamber. The steam is transformed into distillated water by the cooling
windings and drained from the bottom of the upper compartment. Hard water will build up lime scale inside the coolant windings, which should be dissolved after implementing the product to be tested into the cold water supply pipeline. By failing to do so, it is ineffective!

The test system simulates water installation systems in buildings.

The glass windings may be compared with a heat exchanger and the boiling compartment below with a washing machine with a heating element. In
physical terms the same procedure takes place in all water supply systems and cause lime scale deposits. The advantage of the test apparatus: being of glass the limestone build-up and/or dissolving can be determined by simple viewing.


Many "magnetic, electrical and magic" products claim to prevent and remove lime scale deposits in households, apartment buildings and industry plant. Many of these products are doubtful and only the customers are "treated". The test above gives evidence of the function results to be expected and will
discover any product not meeting its claimed performance. No scientific
education is required to perform the test or evaluate the results.

For the benefit of the many persons which might be "treated" by useless
products, it is recommended responsible consumer organisations, institutes and authorities start a series of product tests as soon as possible - it is easy and cheap! As a serious producer we recommend and support
such tests worldwide.

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