Cooling tower water conditioning - Installation and operation instructions for evaporation cooling towers
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Physical Water Conditioning Technique
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Installation and operation instructions for evaporation cooling tower.

Installation: The installation of AQUA CORRECT system is performed into the water supply pipe. The AQUA
CORRECT capacity type shall be selected for full conditioning of the maximum water flow. There is no demand to flow direction, horizontal or vertical installation. The draining outlet pipe from the cooling tower must be connected to the lowest point of the water tank and the size of the pipe must secure effective removal of impurities (min. 1 1/4" pipe) in free fall toward ground.

The draining shall be valve controlled by the installation of a conductivity sensor connected to an automatic
processor (range: 0 to approx. 2000 m Siemens/cm) with upper and lower output limits.

Operation instructions: The draining of concentrated mineral salts and impurities form a technical part of the treatment procedure and performance guarantee. It is dependent on the amount of evaporated water and the water hardness. The conductivity in the water must not normally exceed the value of 1200 m Siemens/cm (approx. 37 0dH = 660 PPM).

In accordance with the American CTI-standard (USA) and the equivalent German VDI-DIN 1947-
recommendations:- In addition to evaporated water (Wwo - a constant), a sufficient draining of the concentrated minerals (Wwa) is done and new conditioned water (Wwz) replaces the loss. The recommended values are:

-Wwo: 0.15 x K (cooling area) x V (amount of water) /100 = m3/h for open circuits.

-Wwo: 3.60 x Q (cooling effect kW) /2500 = m3/h for closed circuits.

-Wwa: = Wwo (max. standard value, but depending on the concentration velocity)

-Wwz: Wwa+ Wwo = m3/h (generally + or - % local depending)


The physical AQUA CORRECT conditioning of the water supply replaces the use of all softening units and
previously chemical dosage. In case of chemical use for removal of algae, the dosage can be reduced in
accordance with a10% reduced water surface tension. Any disposals or corrosion reaction by using chemicals is the responsibility of the supplier of the chemicals only. Remove all water and use only AQUA CORRECT system conditioned water at first time start up!
Static voltage tension potentials, for instance frictional electricity by use of PVC tubes, may cause lime deposits in all systems and are excluded from the treatment guarantee.


During the dissolving of existing deposits it shall be expected that loosened substances, which can not pass through nozzles must be removed manually. Dissolved substances may increase the pH values and form
impurities on the conductivity sensor electrodes. Regular maintenance of the electrodes and the draining function is required according to local conditions.


The function guarantee is related to above conditions being followed. The AQUA CORRECT guarantee is valid for the described function within a period of 6 months, provided payment is made for the AQUA CORRECT system supplied. The material sustaining guarantee is 5 years.

Our team of project engineers will offer you the correct capacity unit, draining control system and full installation instructions.

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